Recent Projects

While most of our projects are residential, here is a project done last year in Fort Worth.

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 12.25.11 PM (2)
Location: Fort Worth, Texas Fairmount Area

Hope Works Fellowship Church

Commercial Properties

This property was damaged in a hail storm and we were doing restoration work. The drawing you see is part of a report from the engineer. Property owners wanted to move HVAC units to the roof deck. Recommendations for that relocation were made and the property owners were able to make a decision.

“ We are so grateful for the services of RA Gattis Services on our restoration project” - Pastor Shane Gray

KWS Manufacturing

This project involved repurposing office space. We added multiple sub offices in a large group office. This allowed the sales team to be able to separate from engineering to better serve their clients.

“RA Gattis Services was able to take our drawings and get this project completed in a timely manner to the highest standards”
- Bill Mecke, President KWS Manufacturing

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Location: Burleson, Texas KWS Manufacturing

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